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Bi-fold Doors

Complimenting any property, whether it is a new or existing building, an extension, or even a period style cottage, the bi fold door is guaranteed to change the way you interact with your home and how you use the space, enabling you to enjoy your home in a new and different way.

Not only do Bi fold doors offer you the opportunity to bring the outside in but will give you an all year-round uninterrupted view of your outside space, making the transition from home to garden seamless.

Stockport Construction has a vast amount of experience fitting bi-fold doors into homes. As you can see from the photographs, we have been involved recently in installing bi-folding doors to the back and side of some properties. Some were part of extensions that we built, and others were fitted into existing spaces. We source the materials from reputable manufacturers who guarantee the finest quality.

If you live within the Stockport area and are considering Bi-fold doors as an addition to your property, then call Stockport Construction today on 0161 718 0213 or 07855 759 537.

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